1. beardyphysicsguy:

    So, that’s Zeratul showed up mysteriously with a bonus mission in both Wings of Liberty and Heart of The Swarm. And both times I’ve let out a fanboyish yelp of joy for my favourite cranky Protoss!

  2. crumblezilla:

    OMFG……Look what my girl bought me for our 1st Month Anniversary! This One is a Keeper!!! BEST GURLLLLLFRIENNNDDDD EVARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! :D :D :D #Starcraft #StarcraftII #Starcraft2 #HeartOfTheSwarm #BestGFEver

  3. redbull:

    Back to back MLG championships.

  4. void-ray:


  5. bloodydragon117:

    Aw yeah, hydras are party animals! 

  6. void-ray:

    lick lick!

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  8. callumwhitehead:

    Hey guys and gals, I’ve just done some StarCraft 2 posters Ihope you like them. If you want a HQ print of one Just send me an e-mail :). Zerg & Terran ones are on the way! 


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  10. gamershaunt:

    Starcraft 2 Picture

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